Mission and Culture

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Nordstrom’s Culture:

Here at Nordstrom, our people and their enthusiasm for service make all the difference.

We're family.

Nordstrom began as a family business and while we're now publicly traded, the Nordstrom family is still actively involved in the business. We continue to cherish our shared experiences, celebrate our achievements and appreciate one another — just like family.

Use good judgment.

We trust each other’s integrity and ability. Our only rule: Use good judgment in all situations.

Be empowered.

Want to go above and beyond for a customer? Make a suggestion? Try something new? We want you to take the initiative, and we'll support your efforts to deliver exceptional service.

Setting goals matters.

And we set ours high. At Nordstrom, you can determine your own success and make a real difference by accomplishing the goals you set.

It's your business.

Our employees have a personal, financial and professional stake in the success of our company. Here, you're encouraged to take ownership of your career.

Healthy competition is good.

We love to win. If you thrive in a high-energy, competitive team environment, you'll love it here.

Be honest.

We value open, honest and respectful communication.

Be recognized.

We value people who drive results, and we regularly recognize outstanding performance — whether you're serving customers or supporting those who do.

Be a good neighbor.

Our company and our employees support hundreds of community organizations through contributions, outreach programs, special events and volunteering their time.

Be kind.

We still believe the golden rule has a lot of merit: Treat others as you'd like to be treated. We work hard to offer great service to each and every customer and we believe great service begins with showing courtesy to everyone, customers and coworkers alike.

Have fun.

Fashion is one of the truest forms of self-expression. It's creative and colorful and totally limitless. If you're...