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In and Out Company


Handbook Date: | August/2012 |


In and Out Company is a full service spa with a café, library, one hour dry cleaning and winery. It is the only full service spa in the Midwest that offers such services.

In and Out Company works daily to successfully employ the most qualified individuals. The strategic goal of In and Out is included in day to day operations as well as selecting the employees to represent the company. This handbook is a tool for the selecting process of qualified employees to become part of the In and Out team. If there are questions regarding any information in this handbook, please communicate with the Human Resource team for clarification.

The In and Out companies focus is to have the highest quality customer service in order to have all of our clients be capable of getting in and out in a reasonable time frame for any of the services we offer. In and out expects each and every employee to stay on top of their training and continuously find ways to improve service as well as attend as many of the in house training conferences that are offered. In and Out company will continue their efforts of having the top trained employees in the business. In order for the company to reach these efforts, they will offer training/education sessions once a month for each department. These training/education sessions will give the newest information regarding your department and also provide helpful tips to better your services.

It is the Mission of In and Out to offer high quality services along with outstanding customer service so this is the only stop our clients will need to do. In and Out company will stand by their employees and provide them every opportunity possible to enhance their services as financially capable. By doing this we believe we will continue to grow and be successful with the help and hard work of all our employees.