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Government Comparison Matrix

Chauncey Griffin, Bridgette Johnson, Latasha Sam, Qvone Weber


August 21, 2012

Cherrillynn Thomas

Government Comparison Matrix

Cooperation among government is a cornerstone to advancing the health of the public as the world and health issues become more complex and resources scarcer. Collaboration and cooperation are imperative in an era when funding is tight in developed countries, and when jurisdictions are asked to do more with the resources available. The main goal of public health, is to creatively bring together organizations and agencies to implement strategies for change to improve the health of our people and strengthen our prevention abilities (Berkowitz, 2011)

Health Care has been a very important issue; not just in Washington, but the country as a

whole. To make the program work accordingly, all branches/levels of government would have to

work together. Of course, the process would have to follow a chain of command, starting with

the citizens of the state. A committee should be formed to express the views of the people, with

one or two spokespersons. The spokesperson(s) should contact his or her council, if there is one;

if not, then the Mayor or Parish President. One must keep in mind, there or more issues than; just

yours. As with any person in authority, public issues should be dealt with according to interest or

level of importance.

Education and Health Care are two of the most important issues that must be addressed;

not just, locally but nationally. But of the two, which one is more important than the other?

Looking at the conditions of the state, one would agree, that Health Care is far more important

than Education. With the cost of drugs, treatment and manpower on the rise, Health Care should

be the first issue to be addressed. According to the recent Financial Forecast, the State of

Washington is to be awarded a 1.5 billion dollar increase to the...