Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Osi/Networking Concepts

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Running head: Patton-Fuller Community Hospital OSI/Networking Concepts

Week 2 Individual Project

David T. Humphrey

University of Phoenix

CMGT/554 IT Infrastructure

LaShanda Perry

September 9, 2012

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital OSI/Networking Concepts

Organizational Structure

The Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is a Virtual Organization. This organization utilizes a high-end structure to enable their goals across geographically collocated facilities. Being that this organization probably has many satellite offices like most large hospitals in urban areas like Indiana University Health System in Indianapolis. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital utilizes Information Technology (IT) and Information Systems (IS) which appear as if they were located at one location, when in actuality their offices vary vastly across the area. The day-to-day operations of the hospital are supported by Groupware and e-mail. Groupware assists multiple offices to work collectively while located remotely. Groupware services include e-mail handling, sharing of calendars, and database access, collective writing and electronic meetings (Rouse, 2005). Groupware may be broken into three separate groups, communications tools, conference tools and collaborative tools.

Communications tools such as e-mail, fax, and V-mail can be utilized to tell the staff of a virtual organization there is a staff meeting or other important information. Conference tools such as data, video and voice conferences, instant messages and chat rooms are utilized when there are meetings and announcements that personnel must attend. Collaborative management tools such as calendars and project management tools are utilized to keep up with appointments of patients and locations for doctors on certain days as well as keeping the organization functioning properly.

Now that we have an understanding of a virtual organization we must now examine how the technologies listed above work. These...