Business Data Communications Ch.1

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Chapter 1 - Introduction

Review questions

1. What is business data communications?

Business Data Communications is the movement of information from one computer application on one computer to another application on another computer by means of electrical or optical transmission systems. It is also known as computer networking.

2. What are some of the ways in which computer networks are used in large businesses?

Large businesses can use computer networks to get up to date information on inventory levels. They also can use them to communicate through chat or email.

3. What are some of the ways in which small businesses can benefit from computer networks?

Some of the ways in which small businesses can benefit from computer networks is to be able to share resources such as printers or files and that ability to use the Internet to search for information.

4. Look at the websites of some departments of your county government. What three services offered at these sites do you find most interesting?

On, they offer a variety of services which include searching for past or recently received citations, the judge’s verdict in most court cases, and paying fines online.

5. Describe how the three online government services you chose could be helpful to you.

These services are helpful to me because I would be able to find a ticket that I’ve or anyone I know has received. I can also determine the outcome of a case that was taken to court to see if any other actions are necessary. It also gives people the option to pay fees or fines online if they cannot make it to the courthouse in person or have no time to write a check and mail it in.

6. Describe the major trends in the growth of Internet traffic.

Some of the major trends in Internet growth include video streaming (Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, etc), e-Commerce (Amazon, eBay, etc.), and social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

7. What is packetization?

Packetization is the process of...