Terminal Course Objectives

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Terminal Course Objectives

DeVry University course content is constructed from curriculum guides developed for each course that are in alignment with specific Terminal Course Objectives. The Terminal Course Objectives (TCOs) define the learning objectives that the student will be required to comprehend and demonstrate by course completion. The TCOs that will be covered in detail each week can be found in the Objectives section for that particular week. Whenever possible, a reference will be made from a particular assignment or discussion back to the TCO that it emphasizes.

A | Given a project situation, discuss and document the six phases of the procurement cycle and the impact each procurement has on the overall project. |

B | Given a project situation, analyze the factors that are important when qualifying and selecting suppliers for a project requirement. |

C | Given a project situation for a major contract, examine the key factors, including risk factors that affect buyer and supplier decisions concerning contract pricing and the selection of the proper contract type. |

D | Given a procurement situation for a major contract, analyze the application of e-Procurement and other types of supplier bidding models available. |

E | Given a situation to solicit a bid proposal, evaluate technical, management, commercial, governmental and ethical requirements, and then prepare a Request for Proposal (RFP). |

F | Given the receipt of a proposal or competitive proposals for a major contract, determine the key factors used when negotiating an agreement or evaluating competitive proposals, and establish a negotiating strategy. |

G | Given a project situation, analyze and select effective contract management techniques to control contract cost, schedule, and performance factors and to manage contract changes, contract claims, and contract close out. |

H | Given a claim on a major contract, analyze the role of commercial terms and conditions, the Uniform...