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Obstacles and Constraints Paper


September 10, 2012

Juanisha Hart

Obstacles and Constraints Paper

This paper will examine public policy obstacles and constraints in relation to international policy concern regarding the current water scarcity in Sub-Sahara Africa. Africa is known for its treacherous desert lands, lack of potable water, and the lack of other natural resources. We will examine how public influence has caused the formulation of international policies to aide in the integration of increased efforts to build and sustain formable water sources to the Sub-Sahara region. Policy has been implemented to direct aide but lack of political funding and contributions has for decades, held up implementation.

Water and Sanitation in Africa

While Africa is faced with formidable natural challenges, there is a growing consensus that the inability to address these challenges is primarily one of governance and institutional capacity to ensure that basic services are accessible to all. A clear challenge therefore is to address water scarcity and access to sanitation within a broader sustainable development strategy. Yet this requires strong and accountable public institutions that can mediate between conflicting interests and ensure in particular that the needs of the poor are addressed in a sustainable way.

According to ("Water and sanitation," 2008; p.3) “At the trans-boundary level there are already a lot of agreements, but governments cannot trust each other’s governance. We need a new approach to basic services delivery at the local level. Any new classroom built should also have an accessible water point and hygienic toilet facilities. Our goal is to encourage the three key line ministries: education, health and water to consult and come up with integrated development plans.”

Obstacles and Constraints

As a critical component in achieving food security, sanitation and health, and maximizing economic opportunities, on one hand, and a...

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