Introduction to Torts

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Running Head: Intentional Torts to Property and Defenses of Intentional Torts

Tamara N. Spencer

Unit 3 Intentional Torts to Property and Defenses of Intentional Torts

June 26, 3012

Professor Laurence Mraz

Intentional Torts

An intentional tort is a wrong doing that bring infliction upon an individual that cause injury to that individual property, or body. The intent which conjoins intentional tort is defined broadly. An intent within a tort requires the desire achieve an incriminating result. There are five intentional torts that can also be defined as a criminal offense.


Battery in both criminal and civil law is the intentional touching of, or appliying of force to the body of another person. Battery is also defined as placing harm or offensive manner upon an individual without consent. A battery is occasionally mistaken as an assault, which is merely the act of intimidating a battery.


Assault requires the element of an act which intends to cause a force of harm or offensive contact. An act that causes distress in the victim that harmful or unpleasant contact is imminent. Assault requires an objective. An assault has be a deliberate act unjustified interference with the personal right or liberty of another in a way that causes harm. In the tort of assault, intent is established if a reasonable person is substantially certain that certain consequences will result

False Imprisonment:

False imprisonment directly requires a person being confined to a extensive manner. An individual claiming false imprisonment has to have her or his luxury of mobility revoked. False imprisonment often involves the use of physical force, but such force is not required. The penalty of force or resistance, is part of the person being controlled that power will be used, is sufficient.

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