The American Dream

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The American Dream

People from all over the world want to go the United States to pursue the American Dream, something that was started since the beginning of the “founding” of the New World also known as the Americas. Jamestown was a town in Virginia where the people in Europe wanted to go because they wanted to find gold there but after a while they realized there wasn't any gold so they started to grow tobacco. On the other hand the Massachusetts Bay Colony, the Puritans, wanted to go to the New World because they wanted religious freedom, something that wasn't permitted to them by the King because they weren't Catholics. The Great Awakening was a time when people began to realize that they didn't have to be Puritans that they could choose their own religion without being told anything or having to ask to do so. The Declaration of Independence helped the colonists gain their independence from Great Britain because they didn’t want to live according to the demand of the king. The American Dream is determined by the founding of Jamestown and Massachusetts Bay Colony, The Great Awakening and the Declaration of Independence.

Jamestown and the Massachusetts Bay Colony helped to shape the American Dream because they either came to the New World, the Americas, for wealth or religious freedom. For example in the book, A Concise History of the American Republic says that “[Virginia] at last [had] something to attract capital and labor, and make large numbers of Englishmen wish to emigrate.”( )There were so many people in England that were becoming poor because it was over crowded and people couldn't find jobs. Since they couldn't find jobs in England they wanted to go to Virginia to find wealth by working in labor for landowners. Unlike the people in Jamestown, the Puritans wanted to escape the rule of Catholics because they didn't like the way they were being treated by them because of their religion. The book also says that the Puritans wanted to “... establish...