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How do organizations manage with/postpone prospered obsolescence of managerial personnel. Discuss the roll of leadership in the process. Explain with an example from an organization known to you. Please describe the organization briefly.

Obsolescence of managerial personnel is a situation where managers cannot keep up with the latest technology or are not as well-qualified as more junior staff

Postponement obsolescence

Postponement obsolescence refers to a situation where technological improvements are not introduced to a product, even though they could be. One possible example is when an auto manufacturer develops a new feature for its line of cars, but chooses not to implement that feature in the production of the least expensive car in its product line.

Technical obsolescence

Technical obsolescence may occur when a new product or technology supersedes the old, and it becomes preferred to utilize the new technology in place of the old. Historical examples of superseding technologies causing obsolescence include higher-quality multimedia DVD over videocassette recorder and the telephone, with audio transmission, over the telegraph's coded electrical signals. On a smaller scale, particular products may become obsolete due to replacement by a newer version of the product. Many products in the computer industry become obsolete in this manner; for example, Central processing units frequently become obsolete in favor of newer, faster units. Singularly, rapid obsolescence of data formats along with their supporting hardware and software can lead to loss of critical information, a process known as digital obsolescence.

Coping with growing Technological Sophistication

We are talking manager’s role. As a manager he/she is suppose to go with growing technological changes and sophistication. We were talking on technological changing and adoption of technological sophistication by manager. Robots are also being used in manufacturing which requires handling of bulky and...

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