Human Resource Trends

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Summary Paper Question #8

“Discussion of 5 Trends”

By Erica M. Thornton

October 27, 2008

Human Resource Management

There are five trends discussed in class that would work at FedEx. These trends are common to many organizations and their employees. These topics would be of great interest to most working Americans include:

• E-Harassment

• E-Learning

• Alternative Work Schedules

• Compensation Laws

• Retirement Plans

E-harassment is electronic sexual harassment. Two examples of e-harassment is inappropriate e-mails or viewing of sexual offensive material on the internet while at work. Organizations have to wake up to the dangers as well as the benefits of technology. With the increase of sexual harassments, there has been an increase in e- harassment claims. E-harassment is a reality in today’s society. It should not be overlooked or taken for granted. If the internet is used in your organization, steps should be taken to protect individuals from this behavior.

E-learning is a new paradox in learning that provides knowledge anytime and anywhere through online access. E-learning has several different avenues for instruction such as online courses, discussion groups, live virtual classrooms, videos and audio, web chat, simulations, and mentoring. It is a much needed break-through in education. It is a great interest to many working parents because they fit the profile of an e-learning candidate: parent, student, and working professional who seeks to further a career. The main benefits of e-learning are socializing and networking groups, competitive edge, easy access, low cost and flexibility, and acquired individual skills. Overall e-learning is a great benefit to not only employers and employees, but students and society as a whole. Companies maximize their human capital and employees receive valuable training and skills that make them marketable candidates for successful careers. Society benefits from...