Homo Is Where the Heart Is

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1.3 Significance of the Study This study is important for everyone because it will help us to understand and know all about drug addiction and criminality, and answers some questions; why people uses drugs and become addicted, which can lead them to do unnecessary things and engage them in a crime. This study will help and teach us also on how to avoid from abusing drugs and how to have a good life and health if we will avoid and prevent drugs from using it in some instances, an adult drug addicts often have problems remembering, and paying attention. Their work performance and social relationships will suffer due to their habit because their minds are not in right thinking if they had been under in drugs. Adolescents are highly vulnerable to harmful drug abuse. Teens that start abusing drugs often struggle with poor academics and generally drop out of the school. Many risks like unplanned pregnancies, violence, infectious diseases and harmful health effects are associated with teen drug abuse. These are some bad effects of being addicted in drugs. This study will greatly help the community and the whole world to render or to receive some information about the effects of drugs in every individual. We all know that many teenagers today are abusing drugs and it should be stopped or lessen. Many innocent people will suffer if drug addiction will continue to arise in the community. To the world, it can give information on how to prevent drug addiction. And to the future researchers, they can use this research papers as a reference and the others to study about drug addiction.

1.4 Scope and Limitations of the Study This study tackles different topics about drug addiction and criminality. We will know how the use of drugs originated. We will also know why the users of drugs tend to abuse its use. Also to know the symptoms will some drug users & treatments so that we will be able to know if a person is a drug addict. Connected to this idea, this study also...