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Job description

Job identification

Position: Chief financial officer

Location: The West Sea Yingkou

Division: China

Incumbent: Tang Ye

Department: Finance

Job status: Exempt

Job code: LN-ACC-002

Reports to: President, vice-president, board members, the general manager

Written by: Tang Rongze, job analyst Date: 9 April 2012

Approved by: Zhang Limin, president, vice-president, Xu Jianyi, the general manager

Job objective

Under the administrative direction of the president, and the functional guidance of the vice-president, play a role in organization internal operating administrative, help parties know the financial condition and operating performance so that they can make decision of investment and credit.

Duties and responsibilities

* Have a fully comprehend of operating status of organization, communicate with president, vice-president, board members, and the general manager to get their support, provide information and advice for company decision-making.

* Manage the work of finance, accounting and statements of work, provide the financial report; Organize relevant departments to carry out economic activities, prepare of corporate profits, costs, capital investment and other financial plans.

* Coordinate the relationship with the various departments. Seek resources and support for the Ministry of Finance and direct-management of staff. Create a conducive environment for their work. Set goals, assign tasks and evaluate performance for them.

* Know about corporate relevant policy, make the best use of the preferential policy, monitor the company's major economic activities and guard against financial risks. Exanimate and approve capital expenditures, find out potential problems, and improve the corresponding process and company policy.


* Internally, accept oral and written guidance of the president and general manager, and keep close...