Ethical Behaviour

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1.0 Research Question

What does Health Care industry need to do to be ethically responsible?

Corporate social responsibility and ethical behavior are terms that we often found in business and academic literature. Today these terms have been used quite frequently when talking about everything that is going on. Some of the industries don’t have any ethical behavior and social responsibility.

For an industry to be socially responsible means that an industry needs to conscious of the environment which it operates. The environmental conditions that influence the activities of an industry define the society that the business is indebted to. Therefore, social responsibility is a way of giving back and in so doing business aim at improving the welfare of the society in general.

2.0 Literature Review

The current ethical issues faced by the healthcare industry in medical research, are mostly affecting to the fact that medical research has now shifted to low-income, developing countries, from the developed countries, where it was earlier carried out. The main cause for the shifting to foreign sites is the ease and quickness, not to mention a smaller amount of investment that is needed to carry out the trials in such countries compared to the richer countries. Also, the ethical regulations and approvals are less strict and hence, easier to get by in these developing countries.

3.1 To obey and carry out the code of conducts

A code of conduct produces a set of rules for specified circumstances that become a standard for all who participate in the group and represent themselves outside of the group (Kay Miranda, 2010). Every organization has its own set of rules that govern how it expects its members to act.

Hospital and other healthcare providers have one principal purpose: providing high quality care at an affordable price. Achieving this objective is always tough, but it is particularly challenging now given a steady rise in the costs of health care items...