Satisfaction in Qubee

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American International University-Bangladesh

Faculty of Business Administration Department of Operations Management

BBA-3218 [G] Research Project Report Assignment FT # 3

Research Report

Due Date: May 3rd, 2011

RESEARCH TITLE: Customer Satisfaction of Qubee WiMAX

SL: 15 ID: 09-13435-1 Name: Hasan, K.M. Makid

SL: 16 ID: 09-13395-1 Name: Hasan, Md. Mehrab

SL: 28 ID: 09-13410-1 Name: Mustaree, Mossammet Sarjana

SL: 29 ID: 09-13422-1 Name: Rahman, Md. Mahbubur

SL: 42 ID: 09-13417-1 Name: Shabbir, Mahmud

Table of Contents

1. Summary 4

1.1. Objective 4

1.2. Results 5

1.3. Conclusion 6

1.4. Recommendations 7

2. Research Details 8

2.1. Introduction 8

2.2. Methodology 11

2.3. Result 12

2.4. Limitations 21

2.5. Conclusions & Recommendations 22

3. Appendix 24

3.1. Data Collection Form (questionnaire) 24

3.2. General Tables (additional) 26

3.3. General Charts (additional) 27

3.4. General Comments (additional) 27

3.5. Bibliography (if any) 28

3.6. Other Supporting Materials (if any) 28

1. Summary

1 Objective

• In our research report, the main objective to determine the satisfaction of the customers by using the internet service of Qubee Wimax in Bangladesh.

• We will figure out the service quality and the advantages that the company provides its customers.

• Our another objective to know the progress or failure of the Qubee on the relationship with their customers and their preferences for the customers.

• We have to analyze the customer wants and reactions for Qubee’s latest proposals. We need to establish competitive advantages, pricing supervision and the networking access of the Qubee internet service.

For really short time we could not get into the detail of our survey result but we have tried to present the core value of our research report. Surely, we do have some opinions for...