Passionate Coffee House

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1.0 Executive Summary

The interest by consumers in the coffee house industry is sweeping the country. Passionate Coffee House is determined to become a daily necessity for local coffee addicts, provides a friendly, comfortable atmosphere where the customer can receive quality food, service and entertainment at a reasonable price. The coffee house will offer a variety of choices to the customers. Coffee and tea of all sorts will be offered. Juice, soda, and non-alcoholic beverages also will be available. Both wine and beer will be on sale. Passionate Coffee House will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The interior design of the building will focus on projecting a relaxed atmosphere. Passionate Coffee House will be divided into different areas. Some will have tables and chairs, another will have large antique stuffed couches and chairs, end tables, coffee tables, book shelves filled with books and magazines, tiffany style lamps and braided rugs. A PA system will be installed so that the music and entertainment can be heard throughout. The walls will be used as an art gallery and from time to time there will be an artist in residence.

The company will operate a 2,300 square foot coffee house within a walking distance from the Taylor’s University College. The building has substantial parking. In addition, the area comprising a three mile radius around Passionate Coffee House is heavily populated with young, upwardly, mobile persons with expendable income.

The advertising and promotion will take a number of avenues. First, two thousand flyers will be distributed in the neighborhood. Subsequently, free postcards with Java Culture endorsement will be printed to increase the company visibility among the patrons. For businesses in the area, menus will be distributed and ordering will be available by fax. A customer mailing list will be developed with a calendar of...