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Topic 3:


To whistleblow or not to whistleblow:


Despite undeniable evidence that whistleblowing is the leading detector of fraud in organisations, it is often still the case that not enough attention is paid to those individuals that come forward. This implies that more cases might be detected if better protection was taken for these whistleblowers, as many instead of receiving glory for their actions endure negative consequences that have the effect of deterring others from following in their morally correct footsteps. In my article I uncover some of the consequences whistleblowers may face. Laws have been implemented regarding whistleblowing .These encourage whistleblowing through instilling fear (i.e. consequences for the individual if information is not reported), rather than encouragement through assuring the whistleblowers of their wellbeing. It is my hope that this paper enlightens readers as to the importance of whistleblowing in our society and the ironic non-support thereof given through societal pressures and possible inefficient current laws. It is perhaps up to the individual organisation to develop an ethos and internal policy which encourages whistleblowing so ensure that fraud is uncovered and not known and ignored for fear of retaliation.

Whistleblowing is a contentious issue faced by our society today. In essence, whistleblowing involves the speaking out by an individual regarding the unethical or unlawful actions of a fellow employee. This has insurmountable positives for the business concerned and society in general. Ironically, however, the do-gooder often finds themselves being “punished” for the indisputable good deed they perform. This seems obviously unfair and against the natural grain of life in general, yet has had the effect of unethical/unlawful behaviour now being ignored, resulting in our society losing out.

Numerous studies have been conducted to ascertain the effectiveness of the various fraud...