Dells Marketing Mix

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Marketing Mix

Target Market: The group of consumers that the marketing plan focuses on because they share a common need and want

 Home

 Family computers, college students, home based jobs

 Lower priced models for home and recreational needs

 Small/medium businesses

 Local companies, small non-profit companies

 Number 1 PC supplier to small/medium businesses (

 Public Sectors

 State and federal government, educational for schools

 Standard models with business formats

 Large Enterprise

 Large companies

 The 10 largest companies use Dells (

 Standard models with business formats

P.I.P.E.S.: Products, Ideas, People, Experiences, and Services that a company offers

 P: Computers

 Standard or customized

 Standard: get them at Best Buy with essential standards

• Pick up same day

 Customized: get them online with your choice of features

• Options: Expense, color, screen size, memory, built in camera, etc.

• Chose to add Microsoft Office Works, Photoshop, games, etc.

 S: Services

 Standard

 Already built for you so you don’t have to install anything

 Best Buy customer service

 Customized

 Differential benefit: properties of P.I.P.E.S that set them apart from their competitors

• Easy to navigate website

• Over the phone support

 Value chain: everything in a product adds value to the product

Price: How much the customer is willing to pay to get the value they want

 Price ranges $499- $5,000+

 The customer can chose the accessories they want in relationship to the price they want to pay

 Allows lower income families to have computers

 Opens up the demographics

 Lower in price than their completion- Apple

Distribution: How P.I.P.E.S. get to the customer

 Best Buy

 In store pickup

 Fast and convenient

 Through FedEx

 To your door delivery

 About 140,000 computers per day are shipped per day (

Promotion: Activities that encourage shoppers to buy...