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DME owner/manager,

Performance Health has decided to offer Biofreeze, the #1 clinically recommended topical analgesic, directly to DME stores without pharmacies, like yours. Biofreeze is only available through health care professionals and for the benefit of those who choose to refer rather than resell we are now making the product available through you. DME stores are closely aligned with our professional model as most of your customers come to your store because a health care professional referred them. We do not authorize Biofreeze sales in any other retail outlet. This is great news for you.

If you would like to carry a well-known national brand that will help your customers and their family members while generating a nice incremental profit, please call us at 800-BIOFREEZE (800-246-3733). Getting started will only cost you $86.95. Given our experience with Biofreeze, we guarantee you will sell it or we will refund any unsold product. Most sellers “keystone” or double the price for retail sales, yielding a healthy 50% gross margin.

Given recent cuts in reimbursements, any extra profit can be a real help to your business. And Biofreeze is consistently looked for and appreciated by many of your customers! If you are interested in selling Biofreeze but are uncertain whether it will work for you, I encourage you to learn about one DME outlet’s success. With little day-to-day effort they sell $5,000 in Biofreeze annually and expect to double that over the next six months.

To watch the two minute video, visit www.

Our ongoing support includes much more than just the product. In addition to in store merchandising, we also drive consumers to your store through our web site, where over one million people have searched for a place in their community to purchase Biofreeze. We also offer personalized samples you can distribute free of charge to your referring physicians or even walk-in customers to help promote your store and create...