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Deciding on a course of action with this situation is difficult. First, we have been instructed that whistle blowing is not a good practice. The whistleblower does not benefit from his/her action (unless you are Linda Tripp). If I expose Jack, I could potentially jeopardize my own graduation, future employment, and thus, my ability to provide for myself. Secondly, I have no real facts that I can present to back my assumptions. Thus, it might be in my best

interest to remain quiet.

However, based on the ethical training we have received and my own personal growth, I would decide to take action in this situation. Some strong arguments for this decision include the following. First, by turning Jack in I would be exposing Jack’s deceit that is currently undermining the goals of the organization. Further, Jack’s actions are likely jeopardizing the financial wellbeing (via employment) of all employees of the organization. Since I don’t know

the full extent of Jack’s fraudulent behavior, I cannot safely assume that Jack is only lying on his expense reports. What happens if he is stealing more than I suspect? By not acting, I could potentially put many more people out of work in the long run.

Additionally, my action of uncovering Jack’s theft will support my habit of being truthful. How could I consider myself as being an honest person if I knowingly support Jack’s behavior indirectly by not reporting it? I could demonstrate courage by voicing my concern to superiors within the organization which would show courage. Although there are risks involved with disclosing my findings, I could be rewarded for my honesty and courage. For example, I could be offered full-time employment that is better than my current opportunity. Going back and focusing on results, I could protect myself from future prosecution.

Because my name is on some of the contracts, I could get questioned later in my career if Jack’s scheme falls apart one day. Jack could create a defense for...