Expository Writing Response to Pam

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Expository writing response to Pam:

Pam, I actually do agree with you about not liking the essence of Wong’s essay and the way she put down her heritage. Right from the beginning I felt that her subject, feelings, and opinion were negative, and I could not empathize with her. Like you, I appreciate my heritage and look forward to hearing stories and learning everything I can about it. However, the question was about whether the essay was effective or not, and I had to give Wong credit for that. In my opinion, she did get her feelings across to the reader and convey her story very effectively. I think her effectiveness is what gave us such strong feelings while reading it, negative or not.

Successful techniques for writing:

I guess the first place I start is thinking up a good thesis statement, since that is the whole basis of any paper. Then I write down ideas I have that directly relate to the topics on the thesis statement and start looking for websites, books, magazines, and other material to get more ideas and gather information to help me. I like to try and gather all of the resources that I possibly can first, with information I feel will be useful, and make sure that it includes help with all of the topics I bring up in my thesis statement. I was taught that my next step should be an outline, which I have used in the past, mostly when it was required. To be truthful, I usually don’t do an outline, but I try to organize my thoughts while writing my rough draft in the order of my thesis statement topics. Once I finish, read through thoroughly, and edit my rough draft until I am satisfied with the end result, I try to get a parent or friend to look it over and give me their opinion or suggestions. My last step would be to type up my completed, edited version of the draft and put everything together (including bibliography, etc., if needed). I know that I stressed the thesis statement a lot here, but without it pretty much your whole essay would fall...