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I was working at manufacturing about printed circuit board. When we get a huge order, we cannot make delivery on time. Therefore, we considered if we need to find outsourcing or buy new facilities. So, first we calculate which way is cheaper. If outsourcing is cheaper, we choose outsourcing. Then, we monitor the quality of product. If the quality is good, we accept and make delivery; if not, we reject all product and get penalty.

On the other hand, when we believe that to buy new facilities are more beneficial, we start to make a planning. First, we check which capacity of process is not enough (bottleneck process). Second, we calculate and discuss how many new facilities we need. Also, we need to check if the space of our plant is enough or not. If it is not enough, we need to decide how many volume of production we need to find outsourcing. If the space is enough, we start to draw the layout. After layout design, we need to know if production lines is fluent or not. If the layout is not fluent, we deny and re-layout. If the layout is fluent, we start to erect the new facilities.

After setting up, we need to conduct experiments to make sure that the quality of our products is good. If the result is not good enough, we calibrate our facilities until mass production. If the result is good, we produce in our product in quantities as soon as possible.