Identify the Business Strategy Utilized by Under Armour

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In the Q1 2010 shareholder meeting, the founder of Under Armour, Kevin Plank said that Under Armour’s mission is “built on and continues to be the leading compression brand in our space. And we're focused around the athletes and the equity we've captured, and thinking about how we can service more of their athletic occasions, game day, practice and then other events throughout the week.”

Under Armour's mission ties directly in with their strategy; to make all athletes better through passion, science, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. The key to this strategy is continued innovation. As the sports apparel business continues to operate on a relentlessly competitive landscape, firms must transform and revolutionize their product offering ahead of the ever changing appetite of their consumer. As such, Under Armour has recognized the need to transform itself and has allocated the necessary resources to create an internal brand team which is constantly looking to promote their product offering. By creating this division, Under Armour has indentified the needs of their market and their target consumer and will be further able to enter new markets and present interesting fresh products to the industry.

Along with their industry leading product mix, Under Armour has developed a unique slogan to headline their global advertising campaign. The "protect this house" marketing movement which includes the likeness of star athletes from various sports has helped captivate their consumer and further expand the popularity of their brand. Under Armour founder Kevin Plank has stated that this campaign “became our brand's rallying cry”. Today this slogan is synonymous with some of the best athletes on the planet.

One of the foremost strategic initiatives for Under Armour in 2010 and beyond is to enter into other sports performance apparel segments. These segments include football and baseball helmets, shoulder pads, catcher’s equipment, and athletic shoes. In the most...