Heineken Financial Report

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Heineken Holding N.V. (Heineken)


Heineken has been one of the biggest players in the beer market in the world for decades. Originating from the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, Heineken started out as a family owned brewery in the late 1800’s and grew to a holding company which owns over 125 breweries in 70+ countries. Heineken is a company with still lots of influences from the Heineken family (50,005% ownership), and has been growing through buying out and closing down competitors. Through this strategy Heineken managed to become number 84 on the Forbes list for top brands within 150 years time. The brand Heineken is worth $M 6,577 according to WPP, which makes Heineken the 3d most valuable beer brand after Budweiser and Bud light.

Heineken Holding doesn’t only sell beer under the brand of Heineken but over the years also acquired some other companies and brands. Brands belonging to Heineken include Heineken pilsner, Amstel, Starobrno, Zywiec, Jillz, Strongbow, Newcastle brown ale, Affligem and many more. The company has a worldwide reach and is especially active on the European and North American market, but has successfully penetrated the middle-east and Asian market, especially India. In 2010 Heineken made a deal with the biggest beer brewer of Latin and South America, FEMSA, which also took partly ownership in Heineken (12,5%). With these new breweries and brands the assets and sales increased drastically, as it has done over the past years. With this acquirement Heineken is the second largest beer brewer and the fifth largest company in the beverage industry

Heineken’s main competitors are AB-InBev (a mixture of Budweiser and the Belgian Inbev) and SAB Miller. Although in Europe Carlsberg is also a competitor to look into.

From the financial reports

As a multinational company in the beverage industry we should see many assets in this company, both intangible as tangible. These types of companies usually have considerable...