Internal Analysis: Delta Air Lines

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Internal Analysis: Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines is the biggest commercial airline in the world, considering its capacity and the number of airplanes it operates. The company is the oldest commercial flight airline that is still in service in the world, with the first flight taking off a few years after invention of the airplane. This airline started as a pest controller. It owned one airplane used to spray pesticide on farmlands. The pest control operations began in 1924, and lasted for a short while before the company turned into a commercial passenger flight airline in 1929. The airplane used for pest controls was turned into a single passenger plane, and was operated in the southern region of the United States (Jones 9). Delta airlines metamorphosed into a modern airline after the Second World War. Comprehensive assessment determines that the airline is the biggest company in its line of business.

Delta Air Lines has undergone rebranding several times throughout its life. The company was founded as Huff-Dalland Dusters, a company specializing in pest control using airplanes. In 1928, an American entrepreneur purchased and rebranded the company. She named the new company Delta Air Service. The company’s name has remained much the same, with little variation even after merging with other companies (Jones 52).

The chief executive officer of the airline is Richard Anderson, while Edward Bastian is the president. In addition, the company is governed through conventional board of directors consisting of thirteen members. The company has a corporate management and particularly avoids combative approach in dealing with its employees (Szurovy 140).

Since the airline owns a number of other smaller companies, it is essentially a conglomerate (Mouawad 14). Hartsfield Jackson international airport serves as the head office for the Delta Air Lines. However, the airline operates other hubs in the United States and most of Europe.

The company gets most of its...