Inception and Deception

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Inception and Deception

Inception is a movie that questions if you can alter someone’s thoughts and have them unaware of your influence. Codd immediately says it’s impossible. Let’s say I want you to not think about your beer the first thing you think about is beer! As Descartes asserts the possession of thoughts origins are unclear. Thoughts originate because of pre-conceived notions, your surroundings, your code of ethics, they originate from people, from the environment, or from god. Descarte asserts that our thoughts should only be excepted if all rational beings accept by virtue the idea of being rational. Math and physics are rational thoughts that can be proved creating laws of science. Nolan's Mememto, Inception, and Following all have an overlapping philosophical theme of what is ones reality. Credit goes to Chris Nolan. As he depicts alterations of the ordinary experience one begins to question and break down what it means to control and understand your reality; As Anderson states “What appears to intrigue him most is the extent to which our thoughts and self-conceptions can be manipulated deliberately through misdirection” (Anderson). In Inception they figure out how to penetrate into a dream and create whatever you want using not your imagination but rational objects that you have seen before. Ultimately they go through three levels of dreams and successfully alter the mind of the upcoming powerful business man. He breaks the company into many small pieces because he thinks that’s what his dad wants him to do. I wish entering someone’s dream could be possible I enjoy dreaming and loath the feeling of loosing grasp on reality. I believe there is no true reality, only different perspectives and infinite dimensions that converge and diverge creating infinite layers of reality.

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