Resistance to Change

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Resistance to Change

Rodney R. Roberts

University of the Incarnate Word


Resistance to change is a challenge that is faced by every organization that seeks to

be innovative and looks to implement new methods of doing business and accomplishing

goals. Change does not happen easily. It is a result of hard work, trial and error. Consultants

and organizational leaders are the typical agents of change and they must first understand

why people resist change before they can truly and effectively implement change. People

resist change for many different reasons. For some, the reason is fear of the unknown. For

others, it is a simple matter of not wanting to get out of their comfort zone, or an

unwillingness to learn something new. The goal of the change leader is to create well

designed solutions that will gain wide acceptance throughout the organization. The ability of

that organization to embrace change will be the distinguishing feature if it is to be successful.

I will examine the reasons why people and organizations resist change. I will also examine

the characteristics that determine whether or not change and innovation are accepted.


This paper is written by Rodney R. Roberts, a Major in the United States Army. I have 25 ½ years of Army service. 22 of those years have been served on Active Duty. I am originally from Pensacola, Florida. I have a degree in Healthcare Management from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. I have been a student with University of the Incarnate Word for almost three years. Once this term is complete, I will have one class remaining before I complete my Master’s Degree in Administration.


“Resistance to change is the action taken by individuals and groups when they

perceive that a change that is occurring as a threat to them. The key words here are

'perceive' and...