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Table of Contents

Tim Hortons in the Loop 2

SWOT Analysis 2

Strengths 2

Weaknesses 4

Opportunities 4

Threats 5

Stakeholders 6

Value Chain 7

Porter’s Five Forces 8

Wrapping it Up 9


Tim Hortons is a Canadian based company founded in Hamilton, Ontario in 1964. Since then, the focus on top quality, fresh products, exceptional values and services, and community leadership has allowed it to grow into the largest fast service restaurant chain in Canada. Today, Tim Hortons enjoys iconic brand status in Canada and a strong, emerging presence in select regional markets in the U.S.[1]

The purpose of this essay is to analyze Tim Hortons from a marketing perspective, and is organized in four sections. The first section lists Tim Hortons strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The second section analyzes Tim Hortons stakeholders. The third section emphasizes Tim Hortons value chain. Finally, the fourth section applies Porter’s five forces model to Tim Hortons business.


Is an analysis of an organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.


Strengths are areas a business is particularly good at and therefore has an advantage over its competitors.

Tim Hortons’ Strengths include:

• Customer loyalty. It is the emotional connection and the sense of belonging that has made Tim Hortons the most important iconic brand in Canada translated into...