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Dear Gilgamesh,

I am writing to you while I am on my deathbed. I need you to be more aware of life and quit making mistakes. First, I want to tell you how grateful I am to be blessed with such a wonderful friend. When the god Aruru talked about you before we met I felt so bad for you because you sounded feeling alone. I knew that the only thing you needed was a friend. Hey, we all need a friend to help us on our journey of life. That is exactly what I was there for. We stood by each other through everything. We made such a great team who could defeat anyone of our kind and even greater. Before we went out on our first adventure to defeat Humbaba you asked me to touch your heart. When I placed my hand on your heart I knew that we would be friends forever even when one passes on. I must say after our fight and the first moment of our friendship you became a different person. You changed from being a one with a status of getting anything and everything you wanted even if it meant raping women. You finally found inside your heart to do good for your city, Uruk. However, our pride got in our way. I need you to listen to me. After defeating the Bull of Heaven and how proud we were, think back to how we acted. We were arrogant and thought we were so powerful that you even undermined a goddess. You went against our beliefs. The way you treated Ishtar was improper. I am telling you this now because I have come to realization about life. I know that I have influenced you, but I do not want you to head down the road that I have. You can stop while you are ahead. I suppose this is why Anu is putting me to death. Don't you realize that he has taken the most precious thing away from you? You need to learn to accept my death as well as stop being so powerful and start to defend your city only when it is needed. When someone's pride gets in his or her way you tend to feel more powerful. You have already enjoyed that power and fame why don't you turn around from it and stop being...