Oil Change

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Doing an oil change yourself can save you some money and is a quick and simple job. Our mission is to show the trainees a proper oil change and, the safety procedures that go along with it. We also want our employees to understand the different weights of oil and the different kinds as well.

To do an oil change some basic tools are needed. These tools and materials are needed: Oil, oil filter, wrench, catch pan, jack, Jack stands and a funnel. All these tools are needed to perform a quick and clean oil change. The jack and jack stands are needed for safety reasons, even though on some cars jacking up the car is not necessary on some SUV’s and trucks.

To start off an oil change, the first step is to letting the car run for ten minutes. This will allow the oil to circuit and thin out so it makes the oil change easier. After it is warmed up a bit, now it is time to jack the car up.

Some safety precautions when jacking a car up is to make sure you find the proper jack point and lift the vehicle by using the jack. Always jack a car up on flat ground to avoid the car sliding. After you have the car jacked up, slowly let it down onto jack stands on the jack points. The Jack points are solid pieces on the car’s frame which will normally be under the side skirts. Make sure the vehicle will not slide off the jack stands.

The next step is finding the oil pan on the motor and then placing a catch pan under the oil pan. Then use a boxed or opened wrench to take out the drain plug. Using a ratchet or an adjustable wrench could damage the bolt. The drain plug will come loose and oil will begin to flow into the oil pan. Wait about 5 to 10 minutes till there is no more oil dripping. Clean off the drain plug bolt and the oil pan of any oil then tighten it snug. Don’t over tight the drain plug, as it will cause an oil leak.

Now find the oil filter and remove it, most oil filters can be taken off using your hands, but for tough ones, use an oil filter wrench....