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Makati Orders: Stop Plastic Use

A deadline was set yesterday by the Makati City Government for retail outlets and commercial establishments to stop using plastic bags and polystyrene food containers.

In a recently- signed rules and regulations to implement a city ordinance, the city government gave business establishments in Makati one year to dispose of their inventory of plastic and Styrofoam containers and promote the use of recyclable substitutes.

Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwis S. Binay said that “indiscriminate dumping of plastics and Styrofoam, besides being unsanitary, would also hurt the environment since they would clog drainage and waterways.”

“Executive Order (EO) 0009 is a milestone issuance that strengthens our fight against global warming,” the young Binay said.

This would greatly reduce the non-biodegradable materials and solid wastes that add up to the pollution of Makati City and clog our waterways resulting in floods in some areas of the city, he added.

The Implementing Rules and Regulations for the EO prescribe the guidelines, procedures and standards, as well as facilitate compliance of business owners and effectively and efficiently achieve the objectives of the ordinance.

The guidelines encourage the use of plastics bags by business establishments selling dry and wet goods provided that they are biodegradable and/or recyclable. Environment-friendly or eco-friendly bags such as jute, fabric/cloth, paper bags and basket/woven bags made from pandan, coconut tree or buri/buli leaves, and others, may be provided by the management of such establishment for free or for a fee.

They prohibit the distribution, sale and use of styrofoams (polysterene) and other materials with similar non-biodegradable components that are being use as foods, drinks and beverages containers, and plastic dining utensils on all restaurants, fast food chains, canteens, eateries and similar establishments.

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