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English is an important language and it should be the universal language. I think that English should be the universal language because most of the people, it doesn’t matter from which country, knows how to speak English. Most people from different races and religions know at least two languages which is their mother tongue and also English. With English, it makes it easier for us to communicate with another person. If anyone were to visit a different country and they cannot communicate using the foreign language they could use English. For example, asking for directions, to order food or even to get a bit of information about the history of the country. In every school, English subject is one of the main subjects. It is a must for a student to study English as it is not a supplementary subject. Important exams such as UPSR, PMR and SPM includes English. English is used in most of the things. For example, in Malaysia, if we were to take the train and when we are about to reach a destination, the train service will announce it in two language which is Bahasa Malaysia and also English. This is also use in airports. Furthermore the mother language of the leading countries such as United States of America is English. Regardless on business issues, science issues or education issues, the International language that is currently used and practise is nonetheless English. In conclusion, English should be the universal language not just because it is the mother language for the leading countries but it is also very useful and it makes things easier for us.