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BBA 2011 – Banking & Finance - SECTION B


Instructor: Lennox Chibahwile (Mr)


Office: D070

Phone: +264612063456 (07h30-17h00)

1 About the Instructor

Mr Chibahwile is a member of the FEMS’s Management Science Department and received a MBA in Finance from Bangalore University Business School in 2007. His main areas of interests are Capital Markets, Foreign Exchange Management, and Treasury Management. Mr Chibahwile’s previous teaching experience includes courses at the Polytechnic of Namibia. He also has consulting experience in the power plant and advertising sectors.

3 Objectives

The main objective is that students are able to critically conceptualise banking operations and legislations. After the course, you should be able to:

* Know the roles and functions of money.

* Know the various types of money.

* know the roles and functions of banks

* Know the various types of banks

* How banks operates.

* Evaluate the liquidity of banks.

* Know the banking legislations.

4 Course Content

The course is divided in eight parts:

* Overview of the roles and functions of banks and the various types of banks.

* Overview of the banking industry in Namibia.

* The regulatory framework in Namibia with reference to the international banking practice (Bank of Namibia Act, Banking Institutions Act, Development Bank of Namibia Act, Agricultural Bank of Namibia Act, Foreign Exchange Act, and the Financial Intelligence Act).

* Recent trends within the Namibian Banking Industry.

* Evaluation of Bank Performance: Management of Interest Rate Risk-Managing the cost of funds, bank capital, and liquidity.

* Financing individuals and businesses with particular focus on SMMEs in Namibia (Banking Products).

* The impact of globalization and advances in...