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CHAPTER 3: Assessment

This chapter will explain what the system of assessment for this module looks like. It may be worth mentioning that this system is entirely different from what is used in the D-cluster (or in the foundation year). So we advise you to read the information below accurately and make sure you are well acquainted with the system of assessment for this module.

Since this module is not only aimed at increasing your knowledge and your being able to use it, but also at increasing your communication and social skills, assessment is based on 4 aspects. It is important to state that it is impossible to pass a part of this module: either you pass the module, or you fail it.

You are assessed on:

3.1 Your presence:

You are to be present at all group meetings. If you cannot possibly attend a group meeting because of illness or other unforeseeable circumstances, you are to inform your tutor before the meeting. The tutor will need proof for your absence and (s)he will decide whether the reason is good enough. Note that oversleeping, having an appointment at the dentist’s, a once-in-a-life chance to go on holiday with your loved one(s) are not good reasons and that the tutor will expel you from the module. Try again in half a year. If you miss more than two meetings, even with the approval of the tutor, you will have to start again in half a year.

3.2 Your communication and social skills:

Your project skills will be assessed on a continuous basis. Below you can find what we pay attention to here.

|Individual project skills |

|Being a team member |

|Oral fluency |

|Taking the lead (in meetings) |

|Problem recognition |

|Analysing |

|Attitude |

Insufficient marks for any of these two criteria...