Miami School District Negotiation

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Miami School District Negotiation


August 22, 2012

Miami School District Negotiation

An increase in enrollment is the reason being given for the Miami school district’s decision to redraw the school boundaries for the upcoming academic year. Many parents were outraged and started voicing their objections to the proposal highlighting reasons concerning, the quality of education, increase in travel time transporting the children to and from school, the children being exposed to crossing the economic and cultural boundaries, property values being affected, and the eventual social effects on the children. This paper is the proposed plan that has been developed to address the stakeholders’ concerns and will be presented in the following format:

* Identifying the stakeholders;

* Outlining the negotiation strategy best suited to balance the support of the school board’s need to redraw the boundaries while addressing the concerns of the stakeholders; and,

* Addressing how ethics and culture affect the decision making.

The Stakeholders

A stakeholder can be defined as “A person, group, or organization that has direct or indirect stake in an organization because it can affect or be affected by the organization's actions, objectives, and policies” ( The stakeholders in the school district are varied and equally important in the impending decision-making process. Students, parents and their families, members of the Miami School district board, teachers, other school employees such as facilities and outside vendors that supply the schools with inventory, everything from cafeteria supplies to vending machines these are the stakeholders that have both direct and indirect stake in this situation. There are other stakeholders that although will be impacted by the decision they have more of an indirect role such as the residents and homeowners within that area and the property taxes that are affected by the schools’...