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Project Summary

In this chapter, the group presents the highlights, descriptive definition, long- range objectives, feasibility criteria, history and basic conclusions of studying the business viability of “hung & folded” laundry shop.

A. Name of the Enterprise

Hung & folded Laundry Shop

A business name is one of the most essential things to be prepared in starting a business. Hung & folded as the name of the business, originated from the famous clothing brand “folded & hung”. It is used to represent the aim of the business which is to be famous among our customers and be remembered. “hung & folded” came upon the suggestion of the group as it appeals more to the target audience. Hung & folded somehow gives an extraordinary attention

The name “Hung & folded” is unique, simple and easy to remember. People will easily visualize what the business is about and it will aid to their memory. It includes the information that the business does and can easily be understood by various target market.

The business logo shows a washing machine that is essential in doing the laundry, a sun to denote a bright day for doing laundry with the name of the enterprise. The colors used are on the light shades to be more attractive and leave a clean and fresh image.

B. Location

The location of the business is at ________________. Basically, the business is intended for the students and residents of the community because not all the residents have house helpers to do the laundry as well as the students. Many residents and students are working/studying and they are too busy to do the laundry so this kind of business is good enough for the people inside the community. The lot measures ____and the laundry shop is expected to occupy ____ Originally, the location was occupied by a______. The rates of renting the place range from 3,000php to 4,500php a month since it is located on the main road and near the Saint Louis University- main campus;...

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