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Name: Kirten Ifill

I.D. Number:

Tertiary Institution: College of Science, Technology And Applied Arts of Trinidad And Tobago (COSTAATT)

Faculty: School Of Business & Information Technology Division Management And Entrepreneurship Department

Lecturer: Mr. Ashley Mitchell




I remember the first day of the semester when I walked into the Entrepreneurship class. As a young entrepreneur myself, I was extremely excited about attending the class. I recall these thoughts as clear as day. My expectations were two-fold:

1) I will certainly excel in this class because I am an entrepreneur and I have a background in Finance.

2) Whatever they teach I will be able to use it in my business to make it better.

One could surmise that my chest was puffed out and my head was swollen with all these preconceived ideas. However, after all was said and done, that is all they were, preconceived ideas. I am sure I was beaten with a surprise stick! I remember my thoughts in the class, “ What the hell is this man speaking about?” Nevertheless, I still tried to maintain an open mind. To my chagrin, about three quarter of the time into the class, I was at a total loss. I was relieved when the door was opened. I just needed to get out of the class and relieve my frustration. In spite of these feelings, I still was not prepared to give up and I consoled myself with the thought that this was only the first class, it was just the beginning.

Session Two [pic]

All perked up and reenergized with a positive attitude, I refused to listen to the negative comments uttered by my classmates. I entered the classroom, listened attentively and feverishly took notes. I was even impressed by the wealth of knowledge my teacher was demonstrating. However, even though...