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Assignment Week 1Testing a TheoryThe theory I tested happened about four years ago when I started the Adkins diet.This diet restricts carbohydrates. You start out by allowing yourself only 20 grams of carbohydrates. I had to train my body to use fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. Theresearch I learned while doing this diet was learning that by maintaining a lowcarbohydrate diet your body releases less insulin. This will cause your body to burn itsown fat as fuel and makes you lose weight. Also while being on this diet I felt lesscravings and I was not as hungry. When I was on this diet I followed other people on thewebsite for Adkins and this made me realize I was researching myself as well as othersfollowing the diet.I believe my research with this diet would be a similar method as a psychologistwould use because to me it was experimental and descriptive. An experimentalpsychologist studies the process of sensing, perceiving, learning and thinking. This was alearning experience for me. I had no idea how this diet was going to turn out. I ended uplosing 80 pounds on this diet.After a year after stopping the Adkins diet I gained 50 pounds and I was gettingdepressed again so I decided to try another method. I was given the opportunity to dosomething different. I was a candidate for the gastric lap band so I decided to go for lapband surgery. I was tired of struggling with my weight and this is why I decided to do adifferent approach. Gastric lap band surgery is having a band around the top of your stomach to make a small pouch. This will only allow you to eat small portions of foodand makes you feel full after a couple of teaspoons of food. This helps you lose weightand keep it off. This method has worked for me and I have kept my weight down. I am