T-Mobile Case

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T-Mobile Case

Marketing 5000

Phil Noll


1. What kind of brand image does T-Mobile want to build through its celebrity packed promotion efforts?

T-Mobile wants to build the image that they are the brand of choice by celebrities. This sends a message to consumers that T-Mobile must be the best if celebrities choose them as their wireless carrier. T-Mobile knows that consumers want the best so if they see celebrities promoting their products and service then it has to be the best. It’s an influential catch of course consumers want what the stars have.

2. What celebrities should T-Mobile use in its advertisements? Why?

T-Mobile should use any celebrities who are popular and have a good reputation. For example, they should use celebs that fit each age group. Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, or Usher and Bettie White; this way they will attract all ages and genders.

3. How would T-Mobile choice of promotional partners, such as Juicy Couture and the NBA, attract or discourage customers from selecting T-Mobiles phone services?

Consumers who are fans of Juicy Couture and the NBA will be attracted to the promotional efforts, but if consumers aren’t they won’t be intrigued by the promotional partners.

4. In what ways is T-Mobile supporting its personal selling activities at the retail level?

If T-Mobile employs good sales people they can evaluate a prospect’s interests in a product or presentation. Personal selling efforts often have a greater impact on customers. Personal selling also provides immediate feedback, allowing marketers to adjust their messages to improve communication. It helps them determine and respond to the customer’s information needs.

5. T-Mobile promotes its highly rated customer service as a selling point. Do you think it is effective against competitors that promote high tech multimedia features? Explain

T-Mobile is eventually going to have to add some of the high tech multimedia...