Mystery in History

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Mystery Unplugged

The story times back in 90’s, in Mandwa there lived a girl named Sophie. She was 13 years old lived with her father and her elder sister. Unfortunately she lost her mother when she was quite young. Sophie had some unusual behaviour since birth. The society just ignored the unusualness as a mental stature.

Unfortunately Sophie’s father felt tortured every night but no one could understand the mystery behind that. Many rituals were done; even the Bishop went back puzzled.

It was at the middle of June, one night the elder sister ‘Daisy’ heard noise of anklets which was much similar to her sister’s. She ran to her room and couldn’t believe her eyes. Blood splashed all around the room and her father was lying on the floor fighting for his last breath. And saw Sophie standing in Katthak dance posture with a big blood stained knife in one hand. Daisy entered the room and tried her best to save her father ambulance was called and no sooner her father was admitted to hospital. There Sophie just stood laughing out loud and uttering “I have achieved my goal now I am free…” Suddenly she fell dead on the floor. Her father was rescued.

Fortunately Years after The mystery of her mother’s death was revealed. Daisy’s father accepted that it was him who took her mother’s life. He used to supress her mother’s wishes never allowed her to go out, he always tried to harass her. This led her to revolt against him and that changed into a death ground. The mystery of Daisy accounts that it was her mother’s unsatisfied soul who used to get into her and insist her to do all what her mother couldn’t do after marriage. Even the soul tortured her father to the most. Obviously the young girl ‘Daisy’ had to sacrifice her life as she couldn’t cope up so.

A priest was called for the unsatisfied soul and the repentance of her father.

Eventually they lived happily ever after………

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