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Motivation is the action which is spurned after something has given someone the incentive to do something, usually to gain a positive or pleasurable result and avoid the negative or painful outcome. It involves a variety of factors both internally and externally that can influence a person’s desire to act on something to achieve a desired result. There are several factors which can contribute to a person’s motivation and they are usually associated with some kind of gain which is beneficial to the individual or in some way prevents a negative effect from their actions.

The external motivator is one which applies universally; it is driven by factors outside of your personal wants and beliefs. It is human nature to want to be accepted, feel included and to want to garner the approval of those around you. Whether an individual may want to admit to it or not, everyone at some point or another is motivated to do something that will gain those accolades or outside reassurance. Sometimes the external motivator could be related to some type of reward, like working towards a degree to get a better job making the purchase of a dream car possible. Another external motivator is the immediate reward vice the large delayed reward. Identifying if it is more important to you to have the immediate satisfaction from acting on an impulse or, waiting out the possibility of an even bigger, more long term reward. For some the desire to have what they want right away is stronger than the desire to wait it out to achieve a goal that is bigger and better than what they can see right in front of them. For example a person who is overweight who wants to change their lifestyle from one that is sedentary and gluttonous into one that is healthier and active, might have their long term goal sabotaged by their impulse to indulge their sweet tooth every time they go by a bakery. Someone who is trying to cut down on their spending due to financial constraints can have...