M3.26 Managing Performance

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Managing performance.

1.1 My role within DBS York Ltd is to manage the company and its staff. One of my many roles is that of performance management where I supervise three distinct areas of the business, administration/accounts, logistics/drivers and engineers. To enable me to carry out my duties properly my fellow Director and I firstly have to establish which direction the company is heading. My job is then to ensure we arrive at our destiny whilst navigating the perilous waters ahead. In my armoury I have many tools which I can use, skills such as listening, mentoring, observing, coaching and shadowing to mention but a few. I am there to promote a team ethos and will use all my experience to succeed (if I lack certain abilities I too will attend class/lectures to gain the relevant qualities) I am empowered to hire and fire as well as organise training and treats without discriminating. All three departments are dependent on each other, if the phone is not answered in a timely manner, we will not be able to schedule a visit. If the drivers are running late and miss a customer then the engineers will have less work to do, this could result in them standing around costing the company money due to poor productivity which will all transpire to accounts when we are looking at profit and loss.

1.2 Therefore the role of performance management has to be taken serious. Numerous processes have been put in place to ensure that all staff from all three departments understand their roles within the organisation and how each piece of the puzzle is crucial to the companies objectives....