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Methodology is a guideline system for solving a problem. Methodology is a set of rules and techniques to be used in solving a particular problem. Methodology can properly refer to the theoretical analysis of the methods appropriate to a field of study or to the body of methods and principles particular to a branch of knowledge. In order to solve a particular problem, the proponents used a methodology in order to have an organize and systematize work.

There are many types of methodologies to be used in order to build a system. Some of these methodologies are waterfall method and agile method. Among the two methodologies, the agile method is preferred to used beacause of its advantages.

Once a stage is completed in the Waterfall method, there is no going back, since most software designed and implemented under the waterfall method is hard to change according to time and user needs. The problem can only be fixed by going back and designing an entirely new system, a very costly and inefficient method. Whereas, Agile methods adapt to change, as at the end of each stage, the logical programme, designed to cope and adapt to new ideas from the outset, allows changes to be made easily. With Agile, changes can be made if necessary without getting the entire programme rewritten. This approach not only reduces overheads, it also helps in the upgrading of programmes. Another Agile method advantage is one has a launchable product at the end of each tested stage. This ensures bugs are caught and eliminated in the development cycle, and the product is double tested again after the first bug elimination. This is not possible for the Waterfall method, since the product is tested only at the very end, which means any bugs found results in the entire programme having to be re-written. Agile’s modular nature means employing better suited object-oriented designs and programmes, which means one always has a working model for timely release even when...