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Advisory report

Philips Marketing Unit

Title page

Title: Advisory report

Subtitle: Philips Marketing Unit

Date: 15-06-2010

Commissioner: August Timisela

Student: Nathalie Laming 093319


Thanks to the lectures and workshops provided by school made it possible to realise the theme assignment of the corporate real estate management.

The separated assignments we had every week, including the research we did, was from big importance for the end report.

We also would like to thank our tutor, Ingrid van Berlo. With the weekly meetings, evaluations and the feedback we received, we were able to complete the final report of this theme.


Title page 2

Preface 3

Content 4

Introduction 5

1.0 Management summary 6

2.0 Research on Philips 7

3.0 Criteria for Philips 9

4.0 Explanation of the main aspects 10

4.1 Location 10

4.2 Building 12

4.3 Offices 16

4.4 Work Place Concept 17

5.0 Financial cost calculations 19

6.0 Legal consequences 23

7.0 Conclusion 24

8.0 Bibliography 25

Appendix I Extra information about the marketing unit 26

Appendix II List of demands 27

Appendix III REN-form ‘Het Turfschip’, ‘Kloosterplein’ and ‘Stadionstraat’ 30

Appendix IV Different kind of offices 39

Appendix V Plan of Approach 41


As consultancy company, MNO, we will advice Philips N.V. to replace the marketing unit of this company to Breda, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands.

The assignment is meant to give an advice to the commissioner of Philips N.V.. During the six weeks of research for this company, we were able to realise this advice. Our consultancy company, MNO, did research on all aspects, for example: interior, finance and legal, to realise a substantiated advice.

The advice is based on three main topics, the locations, the building and the office. The needs and wishes, together with the vision of Philips N.V. were the main reasons for choosing the building ‘Het...