Class Project Proposal on Swiming Lessons

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Swimming lessons for children is an asset to the child’s skill set and add a greater sense of freedom. Learning how to swim allows for some children to overcome their fears of water and may aid them in the future. The private Blue Dolphin Aquatic Club has had a long standing tradition of excellence in teaching the children of its members to swim. Rapid growth within Brownsville has allowed for the BDAC to open its doors to the public and because of this each summer many more parents sign their children up for swim lessons. Each year there are more complaints from parents about the swim instructor’s lack of certification as a direct consequence of this growth the image of the BDAC has suffered.


The lack of certification of the swim instructors at the BDAC has caused some concern among the parents. The instructors are middle and high school aged students who swim competitively for the BDAC and there is no doubt of their swimming capabilities. This however does not mean that they are qualified to teach small children; starting at the age of 3 or 4, and they do not have the lifesaving training necessary if a problem were to occur in the pool.

Life guard training and certification include 32-36 hours of in depth training in First Aid, CPR, and water safety. The first part of the training includes instruction videos on scenarios that could happen in pool or water settings, such as what to do if I child or person starts bleeding in the pool. It also states when and how the pool should be evacuated for any reason and include basic first aid techniques. The videos also include universal hand signs that lifeguards use when they are unable to hear one another. In the CPR section of the training an individual will learn the proper techniques for babies, children, and adults. This is important because with each age group the techniques differ and if you do not use the right one you could seriously injure the person. In water safety training...