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Indian Market towards detergents

The Indian laundry market is estimated to be Rs 5,000 crore in size

Making India world’s third largest detergents market.

Detergent bars comprise 43 per cent of the total market and detergent powders balance 57 per cent. However, the detergent bar market is shrinking in India

Important inventions over the years of the history of detergents


Liquid laundry, hand dishwashing and all-purpose cleaning products

Automatic dishwasher powders

Detergent with oxygen bleach

Fabric softeners (rinse-cycle added)


Laundry powders with enzymes

Prewash soil and stain removers


Fabric softeners (sheets and wash-cycle added)

Multifunctional products (e.g., detergent with fabric softener)

Liquid hand soaps


Automatic dishwasher liquids

Detergents for cooler water washing

Concentrated laundry powders


Ultra (super concentrated) powder and liquid detergents

Automatic dishwasher gels

Ultra fabric softeners

Laundry and cleaning product refills

Comparisons between two major Detergent Brands:


Various Products offered by Nirma are:

Nirma Washing Powder

This product created a marketing miracle, when introduced in the domestic marketplace. In 1969, when the detergents were priced so exorbitantly that for most of the Indians, it was a luxury item. Nirma envisioned the vast Fabric Wash market segment and sensed a tremendous potential therein. This product was priced at almost one third to that of the competitor brands, resulting into instant trial by the consumers. Owing to its unique environment-friendly, phosphate-free formulation, the consumers became loyal to this brand, helping it to over-take the decades’ old brands, in terms of volumes. This brand had been ranked as the “Most widely distributed detergent powder brand in India” as per All India Census of Retail Outlets carried out in 435 urban towns by the AIMS(Asian Information Marketing & Social) Research agency [Brand...