A Time Capsule

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Art and Humanities: Twentieth Century and Beyond

Unit 10 Final Project

A Time Capsule

Jason Bell/ Student

Kaplan University

Art and Humanities: Twentieth Century and Beyond

Instructor: Penelope Parker Orr


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A time capsule

Welcome to the year 2012

This writing is left behind for future generations in an effort to help our brethren down the road to unlock keys of knowledge to their past civilizations.

For our human ancestors who are still in the 21st and 22nd century, I offer you insight into the significant genres of humanity in our time.

To our ancestors, thousands of years into the future, the opening lines are for you to decipher. I offer these symbols as keys to unlock this lost language. Ours is the English language and is spoken more widely across the globe than any other language, with the exception of Mandarin Chinese, which is spoken by larger more concentrated group of peoples. The English language consists of 26 (twenty six) letters in our alphabet and a numerical system consisting of 10 (ten) characters. The study of this, and other findings should allow for an interpretation for those seeking meaning in this jumble of symbols. We, in the early 21st century, are having similar difficulty trying to decipher texts from lost civilizations before even our time.

Once this text is deciphered, it is my pleasure to present life in 2012 from an individual point of view.

In our culture, morality seems to be on the wane. Countries are fighting countries, religions are fighting religions and marketing is king. Our leaders bicker amongst themselves over trivial items. The government machine is taking from the poor and overflowing the coffers of those who don’t need it. Party members are in a battle to discredit each other in an attempt to garnish votes, to the detriment of...