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Bradley Utt

Period 1

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Some of the greatest players in the world come from Europe, where soccer is one of only a few sports played, along with rugby and cricket. Like other sports, there are many different positions in soccer. To be good at these positions the player must learn and gain the attributes needed. Soccer is a simple sport that is hard to learn. Each position has their own characteristics that the player wanting to play there has to master. The attackers and the defenders have many different attributes but also have a few similarities.

The ball control of a player is very important in an attacker position. If the attackers have no control over the ball they will not be able to score, which is the basic description of an attacker. The better the ball control of a player the better he is on the field. Defenders on the other hand do not necessarily need to have great ball control. Their main object it to keep the opposing team from scoring anyway possible, usually just kicking the ball out of the area. Although it is not need in the defensive positions, the better the ball control the better the player will be, knowing what the opposing player can do from experience.

Whether a player is chasing down an opposing player or running down the field to score, they both need to have speed. There are different types of speed, being fast and being quick. To be an attacker you need both, but to be a defender you need to fast although being quick is better. The reason for being fast is basic, the faster and quicker the player is the better he is at soccer. If the opposing player cannot catch you he cannot beat you, if he cannot beat you he cannot win.

The player that has the ball know must have knowledge of what to do with the ball. Do I dribble it past the defender or pass it off and run? The possibilities are endless which is why knowing what to do when in a rough situation makes for a dangerous player. The...