Strengths of Zappos

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Strengths of Zappos

Zappos focuses its brand heavily on customer service. Tony Hsieh once said, “We’re a service company that just happens to sell shoes (” Instead of having a department responsible for customer service relations, the entire company has to take responsibility for that. It sends a clear message that Zappos may not be the cheapest, but it does whatever it can to satisfy its customers by making them feel as appreciated as possible. That’s their point of differentiation, and why people choose Zappos over any other online store.

Despite the strong emphasis on customer service as we all know, Tony Hsieh fundamentally believes that the number one priority is getting the company culture and core values right. Customer service is secondary. If the employees are enjoying their time at work, then great service will follow is the idea at Zappos. Employees receive benefits such as complimentary lunches, no-charge vending machines, free health care, the company library, and even a room just for napping. In order to sustain the culture within the company, Zappos publishes an annual 480-page "Culture Book," which is composed of two to three paragraph entries from employees describing what Zappos' company culture means to them ( There are also monthly surveys for employees to fill out that touches base with how each individual is keeping up with their own culture in relation to the ten core values. A quote from Mike S. in the 2005 edition says, “Zappos Culture is the overall environment; space, attitude, freedom, management style, and actual physical surroundings which all work together to create a total milieu which attempts to make each individual better and happier on a whole, so that each one of us will then spread this to each other, our customers, and everyone we encounter.”

It takes a lot to get a job at Zappos. They receive thousands of applications per year due to the great benefits that come with the job and the company...