Lasalle History

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La Salle

Religion: La Salle has a very unique religion compared to all the other religions in the world. La Sallians believe in five gods, and each god represents a different emotion. The emotions are joyfulness, madness, sadness, evilness, and shyness. Depending on the type of person you are, you would follow the one god that mirrors your emotion. If you were feeling more than one emotion than you shall follow the one that you feel the most. La Sallians go to “Ram”,(similar to church) the ceremonies last for about an hour. During that hour la Sallians would all get together in one big building and sit on the floor and apologize to their god for sinning. La Sallians believe that it is against their religion to not have any pets, have any other color hair other than maroon, and to eat meat.

Government: La Salle has three governors. The governors do a lot for their country and citizens. The Government decided to take out all of the gas stations in La Salle and make all their transportation (cars, busses, trains) run on electricity instead of all the gases and coals. Every adult has hard working jobs that pay really good money but the government only takes out a little bit of money from their pay checks, and that money goes to a lot of things such as medical, dental, parks, the streets/roads, and schools. The government thinks that education is very important and believes that every child and teenage gets the same education and funds. The biggest thing that the governors decided to come up with was a system to hire big time farmers (and pay them good money) to plant sugar cane, bamboo, organic vegetables/ fruits, and renewable energy, so they could send to other countries and after the other countries received their goods, la Salle would get big bucks to make La Salle a wealthier and better place.

Economy: Many would say that their country has a bad economy but not La Salle. La Salle has one of the best economies in the world, and for this matter is because...